All the better to stomp you with


Hexotica said...

I adore that baroque coat! You layer well!

Found a fashion blog that you'd love:
very eclectic, thrifted, and colorful!

GothBarbie said...

Thanks you lovely chica! I'll check her out today!

Traicetrak said...

Okay, I have to ask this: Is your house ever NOT immaculate?! Okay, so I love the coat (think I've said that before), the outfit, and that scarf (love that scarf), BUT I love, love, LOVE your decor. And I appreciate how you posed in front of damask fabric similar to your coat, ;^D but WHERE did you manage to find that lavish-looking, batty material for your window cornice?! I also love that print hanging behind your left shoulder in the same pic.

GothBarbie said...

Hi Traicetrak~ first, there are rooms that stay pretty neat - then there is my craft room and my dressing room - constant disaster! I just don't photograph in those rooms!

The fabric we used to upholster the cornice was from Joanne Fabric around Halloween time a few years ago. I just layered it over a satin fabric to get the burn out velvet feel. We also used that same fabric for our lampshades in the bedroom.

The vampy artwork on the wall is actually a PUZZLE we put together and glued and framed. So much fun!

Thank you as always for the sweet compliments!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You always have the best scarves.