Before the belt broke

This outfit didn't look half as good once this cheap belt decided to fall apart in a fitting room - oh well. Time to shop for a new one!


Purple Velvet and Festivities!

I was in a hurry this particular evening and only a couple photos turned out. The very awful thing is that I didn't get a good picture of the Mr. in his neat outfit - maybe my sister got one...

HA HA - GO ME with the cut off heads...

Posing with a few gifts from my Sis...

And here is my sis in her BEST DRESS (see how bad I was at pictures that day, I didn't even get a shot with her CUTE BOOTS...ugh!)


I'm too cas for my Ken!

This doesn't happen very often - we usually coordinate so that we're both dressed in a similar vein.  He was way too swanky for me ! BUT I love his tie and his shoes, and I didn't feel like changing - so this is what we looked like at dinner last night.

 Oh, and he let me open ONE GIFT EARLY! YAY!


Open toed in December

I LOVE these wedge sandals, so much that no other shoe from my collection would do for this outfit.
So I braved the December weather with my toes exposed!

Will the doll collection grow this Christmas?

 This blazer is still a winner. It made the outfit classy!

Unfinished window treatment - experimenting with the volume of this valence before finishing the stitching.

It's really tough to photograph my hair - I used rollers and had quite a vintage do going on .