New hair - cut & color

Happy Birthday to my Boo!

Check out his Swanky Shoes and my new - used Betsey Dress! Buffalo Exchange really came through this week! I got 5 new dresses and the total was $78

We did a ton of driving this week - we had off all week and it was lovely!

Birthday Boy - Birthday Girl - Birthday Boy - Birthday Girl...




there is fun to be had...

I am taking a beginners series of hooping classes - it is a LOT of fun! I highly recommend getting a hoop and giving it a try!

and here is another casual summertime look - just so you know how it goes over here when it's HOT!


The next Puzzle - Yorick the Nobleman

We finally finished the jigsaw puzzle we were working on for the last couple of months (we're not very dedicated) and found a gothy glorious frame for him! This is the 4th puzzle we have framed and added to our wall decor - we're running out of room!


the new shelf and STRIPES!

Our new collection needed a special place in the house - when I saw the shelf at Homegoods I knew it would be perfect - except for the color. We fixed it up by adding scrapbooking paper as wallpaper to the new dolls house! Now we just need more dolls!

when goths craft...

Industrial Ken was VERY SERIOUS about glueing this puzzle - isn't he CUTE!!!


Green Bats!

I was pretty happy with how my makeup came out that day - and my hair was doing something cute! Not to mention I was wearing a NEW DRESS!

3/4 sleeve black blazer - with pointy patent kitten heels!

I found this neat blazer on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory. It was such a steal I couldn't pass it up! It took me a few tries to put it together with the right pieces, as it has casual 3/4 length sleeves but a formal long length - I like how the proportions turned out paired with this knee length skirt.
Wore this look to work.

More MGG (my goth girlfriend) - Brianne!


My Goth Girlfriend! Ain't she CUTE!?!?

I convinced my super cute friend from the club to send me some outfit photos - I've always admired her style - now I'll share with you all - The Best Dressed Girl In the Scene!