To the Post Office!

I LOVE this Hello Kitty dress - I got it at Wet Seal a few years ago - on sale of course!

Charles wearing my favorite pair of (his) sunglasses and a fabulous shirt we found for him at Macys earlier this year.

My OBSESSION with snail mail takes me to post offices frequently. I should get photos inside one historic looking one a couple towns over...

Get your Hair did

A few photos from the last hair appointment I had downtown.

And a really cute style that I'll have to try sometime! Next Time?


Soda Pop Can bracelets and earrings!

THIS COOL ETSY SELLER recycles soda cans
 into jewelry!

I got one for myself  and bought one for a friend who is a HUGE fan of FANTA ORANGE SODA!

Don't worry they're not sharp at all and they make a nice sound when you're wearing them.

YAY SODACANGIRL!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/sodacangirl


When sisters shop together...

Ha Ha - Mom used to dress us in matching dresses CONSTANTLY as children - it always makes us laugh to do it now. My little sister is REALLY little these days - she lost something like 30 pounds and she's kept it off! I'm so proud of her! She's a roller derby queen!!!

When it was CUTE -