Over the knee socks and heavy sweater

Layers upon layers upon layers in this weather. I LOVE over-the-knee-socks!


Traicetrak said...

LOVE your color combination here! I love knee and over-knee socks, but have such a hard time figuring out how to wear them as a fashion accessory. (Under pants only, so far.) I have a hangup about being able to wear them without looking too teeny-bopper, although I see others, like yourself, wear them successfully. One day it will "click." =^>

Julie said...

I love the color combination too, and your ring is very pretty!

I mentioned you on my blog yesterday, by the way... :)


Hexotica said...

What a great color combination! I love over the knee socks too; so sassy and warm!

Who is the reader in the house? Both of you? :)

GothBarbie said...

I got the socks at Target - and after wearing these, I had to go back for the other colors! Looks like Pink and Grey are a winning combination, I'll keep that in mind.

Traicetrak - try wearing them with a knee length skirt, that way they'll only show some of the time, it's a very sassy way to be cute!

Hexotica- Charles and I are both avid readers - I'd rather read than watch TV and I can get stuck inside a book for HOURS. He loves to listen to audiobooks on his commute.