Open toed in December

I LOVE these wedge sandals, so much that no other shoe from my collection would do for this outfit.
So I braved the December weather with my toes exposed!

Will the doll collection grow this Christmas?

 This blazer is still a winner. It made the outfit classy!

Unfinished window treatment - experimenting with the volume of this valence before finishing the stitching.

It's really tough to photograph my hair - I used rollers and had quite a vintage do going on .


April said...

*raises hand* Oooo I see it! I see the vintage do...looks good!

the fashionate traveller said...

Oh, those wedges are FIERCE!! Love the look, esp how you've contrasted the check print with the stripes - it works so well as they're both in charcoal tones. And your man is looking cool as always too :)

GothBarbie said...

Thank you ladies! I really liked this outfit, though wearing pants isn't my favorite - this outfit made me happy!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Everything about this outfit works perfectly. Interesting combinations, but really well done! Especially the amazing shoes, of course. ;)

Love Mr. Ken's tie!!

Hexotica said...

You look awesome in pants. Heels look amazing!

GothBarbie said...

Hexotica that is quite a fantastic compliment! Finding the right fit in pants is so impossible, so hearing that these look good on me is wonderful!

and VictorianKitty your seal of approval ALWAYS makes my day! Thanks!