Lovely cookie giveaway - from the Fancy Lady Gourmet! Xmas version!

The Fancy Lady Gourmet is hosting another cookie giveaway! This time she is offering 1 dozen cookies for the winner, as well as sending 1 dozen to your friend of choice - great Christmas gift!

Head over to HER BLOG and comment for your chance to win! The contest is only going on for one week, so make sure you hurry!

Here is her Etsy shop - full of wonderful cookies, in case you're in the mood to drool!


The Fancy Lady said...

thank you for posting this doll! your so sweet also you don't need to enter cause your already getting christmas cookies from me lol two words skeleton santa lets see if i could pull that off

GothBarbie said...

OOOH Skeleton Santas! If anyone can make those look great - it's YOU! You're TOO GOOD TO ME!!!! Can't wait to see you!