San Fran - and Shopping in Chinatown!


Traicetrak said...

It looks like you guys travel all the time! How fun.

I've come to realize I love how you style leggings with a lot of skirts. Seems like a no-brainer, but I've never done that. I've got to start taking mental notes here on how to do this well. =^D

Hexotica said...

So envious! It looks so funky and colorful!

That's it--I am officially going to put together an outfit inspired by your style and do a post on it! Now that I can wear whatever the hell I want to work I could wear something similar to the outfit you are wearing in the stair well---boots with a mini skirt and some leggings underneath! And suspenders! So cool! I will have to find lacy leggings....hhhhmmmm... :D

GothBarbie said...

This is so neat! I hope you both drop me a link to your outfits! I'm so glad that leggings are "in" because I'm buying them up like mad!

As for this trip- Charles got a new job and had to train in CA for two weeks - I couldn't go that long without seeing him! I was only there for a few days - but I love the city! We're hoping to return!!