Brunch with my Sis!

My little sister doesn't make enough appearances on this blog! I have to remember to take some photos of her at her derby game tonight.

I met her for brunch last Sunday and remembered to bring my camera!

Believe it or not, it's rare to get a photo of her SMILING

 THIS RIDICULOUS JUKEBOX - has been emptied of it's music and now houses the sirius satellite control. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.

The lady in the booth behind her just HAD to get in on the photo!


April said...

oh I hope you took pictures at the derby...I'd love to see them!

Hexotica said...

How cute! She's a less spunky version of you!
I miss the American diners! Hoping to go to the most famous one in Atlanta when I'm there...

GothBarbie said...

I'll have to post some Derby Photos of the sis - the lighting is always awful at the games...But I'll post some anyway!

Topaz said...

I like the photo bomb lady in my photo. LOL I hear the Krispy Kreme is now open!!