Little sis looking svelte!

This is what sis wore (except for the shoes) to volunteer on T-day - doesn't she look GREAT?

more tam



T-day volunteer outfit

We volunteered at a "soup kitchen" this Thanksgiving. We served a holiday meal to any members of the local community who wanted/needed to come to this church for their holiday meal.

I didn't know what we'd be doing, but I thought COMFORT was my best bet (and clothes I didn't mind getting dirty).

It was a REALLY lovely event and the attendees as well as all the other volunteers were really sweet - this may become our new holiday tradition!


derby date

failed to get full outfit photos for derby night - but here is what i do have !

My sister the tough derby girl!!!

she made amazing caramel filled chocolate cupcakes for the bake sale there. mmmmmmm

see her GO!!! that's her w/ the jammer (star) helmet! She scored some points.

at least in this one you can see my necklace and tank top! and frank - one of charles friends.


The red gingham pants!

Added another layer to keep the chill out of my bones! - and it made the outfit more grown up~

And a little hoop action - just for fun!


Brunch with my Sis!

My little sister doesn't make enough appearances on this blog! I have to remember to take some photos of her at her derby game tonight.

I met her for brunch last Sunday and remembered to bring my camera!

Believe it or not, it's rare to get a photo of her SMILING

 THIS RIDICULOUS JUKEBOX - has been emptied of it's music and now houses the sirius satellite control. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.

The lady in the booth behind her just HAD to get in on the photo!


long black velvet skirt & pirate coat!

I love this long velvet skirt for cold weather - I have leggings under it to keep me warm!
I also have always loved full skirts that flare out when you spin!

The velvet inspired me to grab my Shrine pirate coat from the closet - a gift from Charles one Xmas.


MGG Bre - Steampunk outing

on my way to work

I hastily snapped a few quick photos, I want to start getting pictures before I go to work (wish me luck - I'm NOT a morning person!). I also throw these outfits together in about 10 minutes so don't get too excited ; )


Hat and scarf weather

Keeping warm is a full time job around here (I cannot IMAGINE living anyplace colder- though there are PLENTY of colder places!). Good thing I love hats and scarves because I need them!