You say Lace - I say GOTH WEDDING!

When Gorgeous Goth Blogger Victorian Kitty of Sophistique Noir announced this months theme - I knew I had to participate. I've always loved lace - it's so feminine and glamorous and GOTH! SO ME!

I decided to share my wedding photos because the main item was the custom corset I had made in white satin and black lace.

My skirt was custom made for me (with a good bit of help from me ;) by my wonderful friend Richard. Above, I'm getting ready to hike up the hill to our wedding spot so I'm not wearing the wedding boots. I put the white boots on once I got up the rocky hill.

This isn't a super photo (above) but none of the better shots show the layers of tulle and lace covered satin in the back of my skirt.

Here's a shot from after the ceremony with the proper wedding boots!


Jamie said...

Wow, what an amazing wedding dress-I love the corset/bustled skirt combination, and you make a simply beautiful bride! You struck just the perfect combination of elegant, funky, and dynamic, and I love it. Many congratulations on both your beautiful dress and your wedding!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

This is simply the coolest bridal look I've ever seen on a real person! Everything works just perfectly. The corset is totally fabulous, the skirt is surreal (in the best way!) and the combination is a perfect balance.

You looked SO stunning. I really love how your hair matched your bouquet!! :)

Kiwi Ivashkov said...

Oh my!
*gasp* So beautiful!!
I LOVE the dress! so much!<3
You make a very pretty goth bride, not too darkly disturbing not to femininely frolic-y :P..the lace gives the satin an amazing effect! Did you design it all by yourself?

P.S. Do stop by my my "lacy" post

GothBarbie said...

It is really a luxury to share my favorite day ever with fabulous people who can appreciate our style! You are all so wonderful to compliment us so!

and Kiwi - I bought all the fabrics and instructed all the skilled people so I did design my look! I made the veil myself (it's a bit sloppy but effective!) and my Mom made the necklaces!

Anonymous said...

I agree with VictorianKitty whole-heartedly. You were a drop-dead GORGEOUS bride. I love the pic of Ken taking your pic; HAWT! And I really love how you kept with tradition while also giving it your own distinct flair. Seeing someone else superbly manage that delicate balance at my high school graduation made a distinct impression on me and made me decide that one day I'd have the nerve to dress like that. Who knows who you've inspired!