Lumberjack goth?

I think this shade of green is ULTRA SPOOKY!  And of course Industrial Ken looks AWESOME in green.

I got a new necklace really cheap on the Sam Moon website - I really love it! I did add the rosary to the mix - more is more!

And the awesome art on the wall is from Homegoods - we LOVE that store!!! There are 3 in our area and we go at least once a week. We're addicted!


RubyAlison said...

It must be the New Hampshire in me, but I love me some plaid! Nice green one, and you know I love that third picture of his smile.

May I just take a moment to say how beautiful you are! You have such a beautiful face. And your skin looks amazing.

GothBarbie said...

Ruby you're the best! you really make a girl feel pretty! I'm always sure to pass on the compliments to Ken too - he doesn't look at the blog much.