Goth Wedding in Sedona AZ - Shaman Ceremony by Uqualla

December 2007
We couldn't have asked for better weather, a more beautiful setting or a more wonderful spritual leader to perform our ceremony. Uqualla was so soulful and the ceremony was magical and meaningful.

Our wedding planners Weddings In Sedona also arranged a fantastic photographer, a lovely flautist and a GORGEOUS home with AMAZING property to rent for the week.

And here's what it looked like!

If you are REALLY curious about the ceremony - we put it up on youtube so our family could watch (we didn't have any guests at all) - we recorded it with a tripod and our camcorder so it's not high quality and the sound is overwhelmed by buzzing bees and low flying aircraft at points but it's still cool! CLICK HERE to watch



RubyAlison said...

I adore wedding photos so this was a real treat for me. You both are incredibly gorgeous!! Such love, such beauty, such style. So perfect!

What a cool place to get married to. My wedding was at almost the opposite location...lol... We got married at night in January in front of a stone fireplace at a hotel in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. (I wore a black lace dress and we had a CD playing in the background of Cure music as played by a string quartet :-) Best day of my life. *happy sigh*

GothBarbie said...

Oooooh Ruby - I'd love to see YOUR wedding photos! And how awesome to have an extra classy version of The Cure playing at your wedding! It's so lovely to hear that your wedding day was your best day! I wish that for EVERYONE who gets married! and Thank you Thank you for your kind words!

RubyAlison said...

It feels very strange to share pictures of me - I'm so used to being an anonymous stranger! But our photographer posted a few pictures on her blog and you can see them here: http://nhelopements.com/blog/white-mountain-hotel-unveiled-elopement-fun/

You should submit your wedding photos to Offbeat Bride. You would make an awesome post there! Just a thought. I love that site.

GothBarbie said...

THANK YOU Ruby!!!! Love the photos! You both look so cute and happy and IN LOVE! I love it! You're very pretty and you were a glamorous bride! Thanks so much for sharing!

RubyAlison said...

Thank you very much Sara. Your nice words mean a lot to me.

April said...

IN LOVE with the last picture in this post...you look just so in love with your honey! I love that you had a simple ceremony but really went all out with the dress...thanks for sharing!!!!!