Fortunate Blazer

This blazer has been sitting in the closet for YEARS - I snagged it at Kmart on clearance for something like $5 - now that I have these boots - the blazer will get to see the light of day more often!


MMG Bre - Hoops!

Not only is Bre super stylish - she is also mega FUN! We took a beginners hooping class together recently and this past Saturday we met with our hoops at the club to practice our moves to our favorite music. It was really fantastic - though I need a lot more practice and a ton more classes!


on of my all-time favorite dresses

And my ALL-TIME favorite accessory! Dream Date Industrial Ken!


Sullen Serenade

I love the illusion this T-shirt creates - the hole in his soul


Exploring the underground - it goes for miles!

And I couldn't' resist adding these funny shots he didn't know I was taking ->