there is fun to be had...

I am taking a beginners series of hooping classes - it is a LOT of fun! I highly recommend getting a hoop and giving it a try!

and here is another casual summertime look - just so you know how it goes over here when it's HOT!


RubyAlison said...

Looking at these photos is like a flashback - it was summer once! It has been so rainy and chill up in my area that summer seems like months ago already.

Totally adorable looks.

Hooping must be tons of fun!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You look like you are having great fun, indeed! Ooh, and I really love the purple dress. You look adorable in both, but the purple one is, well... purple! ;)

Hexotica said...

You really love the baby-doll style dresses don't you? I love them too but Maiki doesn't! So I don't buy many unless I can't go without a particular style; then I'll wear them on girls nights out or when he's not around! :P

Looks like you've already learned some hoop tricks!

GothBarbie said...

Thanks girls! I DO love babydoll dresses! And for the most part Charles thinks they're cute - when he hates one of my dresses I reserve it for girlfriend events too!

I have my second to last hooping class tonight - SO MUCH FUN!