3/4 sleeve black blazer - with pointy patent kitten heels!

I found this neat blazer on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory. It was such a steal I couldn't pass it up! It took me a few tries to put it together with the right pieces, as it has casual 3/4 length sleeves but a formal long length - I like how the proportions turned out paired with this knee length skirt.
Wore this look to work.


Hexotica said...

hawt! I wish I could wear such nice clothes at my work; we are not allowed to wear heals because of all the stairs.
Kitchen envy!!!

RubyAlison said...

Those shoes look painful but sexy. The blazer is very nice, fits you perfectly and looks great with the skirt. You look ready to kick some professional ass!

GothBarbie said...

Guess What! These heels are from 9 years ago and I've worn them for 10 hour shifts in RETAIL! They're actually super comfortable - for heels! Sorry Hex that you have to wear "sensible" shoes - what a drag! And to you both THANK YOU THANK YOU!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Gorgeous corporate Goth outfit!! I am wearing a skirt almost that same shade of gray today. It goes so well with black! I like that you went with nude legs - it gives the work look a bit more class than the standard Gothy black tights.