Two EXCITING meetings



Elvira was SO excited to meet ME!

i let my husband touch Elvira - am i INSANE?


My husband was making a funny face b/c the elder Klingon had been relating to him the facts about a Klingon marriage - the WOMEN are in CHARGE on that planet!


ultimategothguide said...

You. Hugged. Elvira.

*dies of envy*

GothBarbie said...

She is the ONLY Celebrity that I've ever been excited to meet - and I think i went a little crazy - i mean i LOOK CRAZY in that photo! ha ha - Poor Elvira!

Piper Alexander said...

Amazing, she hasn't aged one bit!

RubyAlison said...

Elvira is looking as awesome as ever (and so are you and Industrial Ken!)

Topaz said...

Holy your hair is soooo long in that photo! Crazy!

Traicetrak said...

You look radiant in all your pics, and, ohmigosh, Elvira is HOT as ever!