my new bed! and you can see the bedside table in the outfit photos - I LOVE IT! Now to make new curtains to match the bedspread - the old ones were burgandy and black. Oh and we totally need new lamps for the bedside tables!


Hexotica said...

Holy $%$#@#! That bed is AMAZING. I have dreamed of gloss-black baroque furniture for years. It's stunning!

And that outfit is hot! What a great way to layer some super cool pieces. I wish more people would be so creative with their clothing.

April said...

#1. love the bed and tables they give the room so much character!
#2. I SO thought I was following your blog on my blogspot reader and that you just weren't posting and now I see that I wasn't following... TRAVESTY...so sorry! I am now following though so yea!
hope you had a great week

Sara Shalom said...

Wow! I *adore* your bed! I have to tell you, the first photo of you struck me so funny. It looks like you have a fancy bird's tail and a party hat! lol