Oh the Wardrobe!

Hello anyone out there ~ I am constructing my new dressing room at the new house, and it is FUN! I am actually going to tally up some of the items in my wardrobe - i am curious as to what i have amassed these 16 years of shopping!

for fun anyone want to take guesses at just how many i have~
~T-shirts & tank tops
~mini skirts
~pants & capris

i don't know if i can make myself pull out ALL the dresses to count them, that would be a beast!

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Hexotica said...

I hope you take some pictures when you are finished! I'd love to see!
My guess is you have:

around 60 pairs of shoes
around 100 tees and tank tops
around 200 mini skirts
and maybe only 50 pants and capris

haha that is a fuckload of clothing so I'll be VERY surprised if you meet it or go over it!

Good luck with the sorting! :)