scarf - finished! for mom?

or for me? i want to keep it! but i will just have to make another one for me.


snow boots blue

And my new pink shelf, on its side, waiting to enter the dressing room....


current project

Blood Red and Barbie Pink - Perfectly Goth Barbie - Don't you think?
this will be a scarf, for Mom or Me or Etsy???

here comes Valloween!!!!

HEARTS and shiny bows!
I'm overflowing with LOVE and all ready ready for VALLOWEEN (or Hallentines whichever you please)


The Coolest Gal Around makes these

An Ode to XYLIA

a.k.a. The13thGypsy on ETSY

If i were to wear a fall or two-

i would certainly buy them from you!

She makes very nice and quite unique Dreads/ Dread Falls in Great Colors-

Take A LOOK!!

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pretty uses

Really pretty things for your home

KIMWESTAD on ETSY *** click here to shop****
Handthrown Porcelain Items

Twirly Vase

Honeysuckle Bowl

Pebble Cup

makes beauty

since i'm totally not keeping up my daily photos,

(its too cold to dress really cute and i stay in bed until the very last minute then RUSH out the door)

enjoy some pretty things from Farfelue on Etsy **click to visit her shop***