those leggings again!

this entire outfit cost $20
***Black glitter and BOWS t-strap heels ~ Fashion Bug $7
*****80's crazy black & white leggings ~ H&M $5
*******Black satin pleated skirt ~ Charlotte Russe $3
**********White T with really neat print ~ H&M $5
and it was such a totally comfortable (felt like pajamas all day) outfit!
i decided to take a quick photo when i got back from the grocery store this evening
b/c i got lots of compliments on it while grocery shopping.

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Hexotica said...

Proof that price does not matter! God I miss the shopping in the U.S.! It's hard to find any pair of shoes less than $50 here--even at Payless! argh! And no H&M, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. I miss buying werid discounted designer stuff. *sigh*