terrible blogger!

So i have to admit i feel guilty about my non-blogness
mainly for my sisters sake as i get enjoyment from her blog
posts and feel the need to reciprocate.

But here my blog sits abandoned by me!


I fully intended to restart the wardrobe photo posts when the cold weather
went away, only it didn't fully leave us yet, AND it has been Raining Raining Raining-
which is bad for hair, wardrobe and mood!

i had hoped to be all cute sundresses and wedge heeled sandals at this point -
BUT this is not the case, been wearing a lot of pants to ward off the weather.

also i am totally JEALOUS of some blogs i have been looking at and the quality of
their photos! put mine to shame terribly!
BUT i am inspired by the fact that i have so much fun when i find someone stylish
that posts their outfits!

SO with that said - i promise to begin anew!

p.s. i might just throw some old photos on here for now to add something new.