Disaster Averted - corrected?

Oh Joy~ that my good friend has a boyfriend with amazing talent

because they saved me from an awful glam-disaster fate-

I used Raw hair color from Hot Topic this morning attempting to get a glorious red
like the one you see below-
instead i got the most hideous color i've ever had on my hair-
a terrible orange like a carrot or a pumpkin orange!

My hairdresser friend saved my day and did a cut and color on his day off!

now i am happily glammed up again! see-

by the way, this fabulous red was acheived with Special Effects hair color!


Hexotica said...

When I first wanted to go purple I had a disaster baby blue shade until a hairdresser friend of mine ran home and got a decent purple! What a nightmare! All I could do was walk around the house laughing!

urSESSIONx said...

i used to buy manic panic from hot topic, but since they got their own brand i've stopped buying dye there. their colors really do suck and the quality sucks, too.